Mayfield Haiku & IPod X-Ray

Collaborative artworks by Midlothian Artist in Residence Susan T Grant and residents of Mayfield & Easthouses…

Billboard posters, limited edition book and photographic artworks launching


Saturday 10th November 2012

Mayfield and Easthouses Development Trust, 12 Bogwood Court, Mayfield, EH22 5DG. Followed by refreshments at Y2K, the Manse, EH22 5DY

All welcome

Preview and purchase the book here:

Mayfield Haiku: A series of haiku poems and photographic artworks of sculptural interventions, created in Mayfield by members of Mayfield & Easthouses Development Trust art group. A limited edition book of the works, prefaced with an essay by poet Ken Cockburn, will be launched alongside a display of the artworks in Bogwood shops and a rolling programme of billboard posters, exhibited in Mayfield Square 29th October 2012 – 10th February 2013. Funded by Coalfields Regeneration Trust.

IPod X-Ray: Large scale photographic artworks created by local young people and on permanent display at Y2K youth project.


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