About Susan

Susan T Grant is an artist and independent arts manager based in Edinburgh.

Previous to this post, she was invited to join a Triangle Arts artists’ workshop on Orkney and undertook an Arts Tasmania International Artists Residence in Australia. She has also undertaken a number of public art commissions including design schemes for Grampian Hospital Arts Trust, Aberdeen.

Susan initiated and curated the education and collaborative projects programme at Peacock visual arts, Aberdeen until 2004. Since then she has been independently curating collaborative art projects for a range of organisations, including a series of temporary public art commissions for community-led public art initiative Big Things on the Beach and a festival education programme for Amnesty International and
the Royal Scottish Academy.

Her website is currently under construction. In the meantime please see:









One Response to About Susan

  1. Robert Hogg says:

    I nominate some Old Monuments/Buildings etc that are significant to the mining community of Mayfield & Easthouses which local people should appreciate the history involved in them.

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