Morris & Steedman House, Lasswade


“My chosen building in Midlothian is a house in Lasswade. A classic mid-century modern house by one of Scotland’s most prolific architects of the era, Robert Steedman of firm Morris and Steedman. Living in the Scottish Borders I first became interested in architecture of that style through the work of Peter Womersley.

It’s flat-roofed and partly-cantilivered overlooking a meadow in Lasswade. Unlike many Morris and Steedman houses, this one is quite easy to see. But like all the best houses of its type, it keeps its best side hidden from view.

I have admiration of both architect and client for being so bold. You don’t immediately think of this style of house in Scotland, so they’re always special – especially when they’re on your doorstep. From inside and out they’re just magic! It goes without saying that I’d like to live there.”

Michael Smith, Graphic artist, aged 36.

Photography by Michael Smith; manipulated by Susan T. Grant.

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One Response to Morris & Steedman House, Lasswade

  1. Duncan says:

    It’s easy to be rude about 60s architecture, but I have to agree there is something enduring about these designs. For me, one test of good design and construction is whether or not it improves with age, and on that score this style of building seems to hold it’s own. There’s a Morris and Steedman pair of houses I walk past regularly in the grounds of Mary Erskine School – v similar to the one pictured (but smaller.) (I think the Ed Uni Chaplaincy centre is also their work – but currently threatened with demolition!)
    It reminds me of a quote I read in an obituary of Rodney Gordon (architect of Portsmouth’s Tricorn Centre) – “He abandoned the merely picturesque, in favour of the sublime.”

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